Butterfly-like Ascalaphidae larva super rarity from Burma 2 mm

Butterfly-like Ascalaphidae larva super rarity from Burma 2 mm
Cretaceous approx. 100 million year old Myanmar Burma

You are bidding on selected inclusions from one of the largest collections in Germany, including Amber from all over the world
(Baltic, Dominican Republic, Mexico and BURMA) which I am offering for auction due to age-related reasons.
Authenticity, quality and rarity are guaranteed, partly suitable for museums, which is an estimated percentage of
less than 1% of all finds!

Burmit is known as the sort of Amber with the most enclosures and there are more kinds known of it
than from all other deposits combined.

In this Cretaceous, when dinosaurs lived, various flora objects developed like blossoms, leaves and moss.

In a honey-coloured oval stone 1.8 x 1 cm is the RARITY of a perfectly preserved Ascalaphiden larva 0.2 cm, also
called “Schmetterlingshafte” or Owl Fly! The facet eyes are large and are located semi-spherically on the side of the head.
The pliers-like Mandibles are impressive, with which they grab their prey.
They disguise themselves with ground litter, so that they are practically invisible!
It takes two years until they become a large butterfly-like imago.
For the sophisticated inclusions collector one of the rarest and most fascinating larvae from the oldest Amber forest.

The value of an inclusion stone mainly depends on the rarity and it is less than 0.1% in this case!

4 photos with multi-layer shots document this museum piece!

All of our auctions are under notarial supervision

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