Garrett Metal Detector Paddle Model 1165180

Garrett Metal Detector Paddle Model 1165180
designed for access controls, to prevent the passage of firearms, bladed weapons and any object made of metal materials. good condition

- Dimensions:
- Weight 0.5 kg
- Length: 42 cm
- Maximum width: 8.3 cm
- Maximum thickness: 4.3 cm

Technical data
- Automatic retune (additional settings not necessary)
- The sensitivity can be reduced to avoid environmental interference
- Wide paddle surface for a rapid and total detection.
- Automatic battery check.
- No tools are necessary to change the batteries.
- Operating frequency: 95 khz
- Tone: automatic.
- LED with red light
- Jack for charger and optional headphones.
- Controls: switch with three positions. On, off and
momentary operation (refers to a momentary on).
- Switch for elimination of interference.
- Batteries: uses only a 9-volt battery. It guarantees a
duration of 80 hours.
- Examples of detection. It detects a medium size pistol at a distance
of approximately 22 cm. Pocket knife of medium size at
18 cm. Shaving knife at 7.5 cm. Thick needle at 2.5 cm.

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