Cold war military Gaiger counter.

Cold war military Gaiger counter.
Type – DP-75

The most advanced of military Geiger counters used in LWP (Polish army 1943-1990) . In many places, still used today , although it gradually replace the newer types . Compared to the DP - 66 uses signaling threshold , extended maximum range of 200 to 500 R / h , introduced case with leatherette deprived of " control " , increased the number of batteries R-20 from 2 to 3 and added on the external power supply , which can be connected any power source voltage constant between 10 and 30 V (very useful).
I offer you professional modern rentgenoradiometr DP-75.
In compare with DP-66 the device DP-75 uses the newer components, silicon transistors, higher quality capacitors as well as through an adequate level headphone output can be pulse counting.
The instrument is equipped with newer types of transducers, such DOI30 and DOI80.
The instrument is designed to measure radiation in the 0,05mR / h-500R / h.
The device has 7 sub-ranges of measurement.
NOTE: Because the device is super sensitive to the most sensitive (sub-7). This 0,05mR / h-0,5mR / h measures the exact background radiation and suited to checking the radioactivity of minerals, building materials, etc.
Most military measures is useful only in the event of nuclear war.
Specifications of the instrument:
- Measuring range 0,05mR / h-500R / h divided into 7 sub-ranges
- Supply 4.5V (3 batteries R20) or external power cable with a DC voltage of 10 to 27V.
- External probe for the measurement of beta-gamma
- Headphone control acoustic (or counting) quanta of radiation

Bidding a set consisting of:
- Instrument with case and probe
- Wooden suitcase transport 47 x 16 x 25 cm
- Weight: 7.5 kg
- Extension telescopic probe
- Cable, external power supply
- A scan instruction manual with diagrams

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