Convolute vehicle documentation of the Podzun-Pallas-Verlag

Convolute vehicle documentation of the Podzun-Pallas-Verlag
The weapons arsenal armament, equipment and deployment of the armed forces in the WW2

Here we offer a collection of various vehicle documentation of WW2
It concerns 8 issues of Podzun-Pallas Publisher
- Volume 7 Armoured Personnel Carriers
- Volume 8 Halftrack
- Volume 45 “Sherman” opponent of German tank with poster
- Volume 47 “Maus” battle tank with poster
- Volume 51 FLAK on the battlefield
- Volume 53 “Hetzer” Hunting tank 38(t)
- Volume 58 “VW in the wars” Kübelwagen, special designs, Floating car
- volume 66 “Wasp-Grasshopper” German 10.5 cm guns on self-driving carriages
Volumes 47 and 58 stand out by their high reproduction of information!
All volumes are in a very good condition, the posters show no signs of damage.

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