Four different weapon plaques of the Allied Tactical Air Force/NATO

Four different weapon plaques of the Allied Tactical Air Force/NATO
In good original condition

A weapon shield of the International Military Staff.
The weapon shows the NATO star and the identification marks of the three combined forces (army, navy and air force). The shield measures approx. 19 by 14 cm. and has a suspension possibility.

Two are of the Second Allied Tactical Air Force (existence 1958-1993)
The second Allied Tactical Air Force (2 ATAF) was a NATO military formation under Allied Air Forces Central Europe, which was commissioned to give air support to NATO's Northern Army Group (NORTHAG).
2ATAF managed all flying units that are located within its sector and all the reinforcements that fly in its sector, as well as ground-based radar systems and stations, air defence units and the airports in its sector.

one of the successors of 2 ATAF: the Allied Forces Central Europe.
Second Allied Tactical Air Force was founded in 1958 with its area of responsibility that covers Belgium, Netherlands and Germany to the North of the city of Kassel and South of the Elbe. Commander of Second Allied Tactical Air Force was the commanding Air Chief Marshal of the British RAF Second Tactical Air Force, which was called RAF Germany on 1 January 1959.
The peacetime headquarters of 2 ATAF was in RAF Rheindahlen. The command center at war for 2ATAF and NORTHAG was in Netherlands at Joint Operations Centre Maastricht (JOC Maastricht). NATO began in 1983 with the establishment of the Static War Headquarters Castlegate in Linnich, Germany, replacing JOC Maastricht. Alternative War HQ was located in Kanne (Belgium) North of Fort Eben-Emael.
The second Allied tactical air force has the British Royal Air Force Germany, the Belgian air force, the Royal Air Force, two divisions of the German air force (Luftwaffe) and one U.S. Air Force Tactical Fighter Group, as well as extensive Air Defense and radar equipment from Germany, Belgium and Netherlands.

If necessary 2 ATAF would be reinforced with units of the American third (uk based), eighth (reconnaissance and bombardment), ninth (immediate reinforcements) and the twelfth air force (follow reinforcements) and with the French air force and the Royal Air Force units. At the beginning of hostilities 2 ATAF immediately had about 700 combat aircraft available. The following units would have been within two ATAF in wartime:

2 ATAF was disbanded on 30 June 1993, its tasks were taken over by Allied Air Forces Central Europe.

The coat of arms plaques are made of wood with a 2-dimensional plastic emblem on it, which is coloured. The plaques measure ca. 20 by 15 cm.
The plaques have a suspension option.

Please study the photos well, they are part of the description.
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