Original documents from the German Reich from 1920 to 1950

Original documents from the German Reich from 1920 to 1950
The documents are in used condition. All of them are original documents

Many documents from the German Reich
All original documents.
a Reich map "Berlin Region" in 6 colours. 1:100000
some photos and 2 hand-painted pictures of a soldier of the German Wehrmacht.
1 cap with emblem.
Document one of DEMAG manager
many old invoices from the 1930-1940's
some changes of the Reichsmark
Death certificates, birth certificates
old German Reichsmarks, emergency notes
a family book
One picture of a submarine before England

I guarantee that all documents are originals
A sheet of flags and uniforms of the Wehrmacht
old letters
5 booklets: Youth association songs from 1925, church prayer for the youth 1930, bunker 17
The German city of Danzig with 47 images with introduction text, The new group with 82 pictures and drawings in the text.
A full box of interesting material from the German Reich.

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