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Gerben van IJken

Esperto Giocattoli

I always wanted to work with Lego and finally I can with Catawiki!

Gerben van IJken

An entire city was built in Gerben van Ijken’s childhood home. A Lego city, of course, built from dozens of sets that he received as a child. He was quite fascinated by the multifunctional Lego blocks. And once he had assembled everything following the manual’s instructions? It was demolished and combined with other sets to build his own creations. Lego has always been a passion for Gerben, and he has followed its fortunes closely, including attending international fairs. His ultimate dream was a job where he could work with Lego... and now his fantasy is a reality!

Gerben loves every minute of his job as an auctioneer. Sets from the 50s and 60s can still be combined with modern sets, which makes the market very lively. Lego is also a good investment because the collection changes every two years and sets are never re-released. Auctions that include unique sets, like the limited edition Millennium Falcon, are always very exciting! Gerben particularly enjoys being able to make so many people happy at his Lego auction. After all, that’s what Lego is for!

  • A passion for Lego for over 30 years
  • Visits international Lego fairs
  • Committed to good relationships with buyers and sellers

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