Asta di fotografia analogica pre-1960

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Ed van Mil

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Edwin Molenaar

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"Rolleicord-I" "Franke & Heidecke" 1934

The camera is in very good condition. Shutter, optics and retractable panel - works well. Disadvantages: the window of the viewfinder shaft is slightly dim,torn filaments at the corner of the case. Altro

"Moscow-2". 1948 KMZ (Krasnogorsk)

The exterior is magnificent, vintage. The shutter and optics are in very good condition-workable. Disadvantages: the duplicating shutter release button on the camera's head does not work, although the main one on the shutter works fine. Altro

"Lyubitel'-2" , 1955

The camera is in excellent working condition. The exterior is wonderful except for a few points where the paint left. Altro

"Tourist" GOMZ (Leningrad) 1934-1940 (Rare)

The camera is in a gorgeous, for its return, condition. Appearance is beautiful. The optics and the shutter show themselves well, work. Disadvantages: there is no bakelite cover on the back side of the camera, there is rubbing one corner of the corrugation. Altro

"Moscow-4". 1955-1958

The camera is in excellent working order: the optics and mechanics prove to be superb. Disadvantages: the front latch is not closed properly. Leatherette on the back requires repair or replacement, there is no folding lens viewfinder. Altro

Kodak "Retina II". 1937-1939

The camera is in a magnificent, pleasant appearance. The shutter works very well, but the curtains do not slow down a lot at long exposures of "1" and "2". The duplicate shutter release button on the camera's head does not work, but it does not interfere with running at the shutter itself. Altro

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