Asta di fotocamere analogiche e apparecchiature ottiche (1950-2000)

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Edwin Molenaar

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Ed van Mil

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"Mir"+"Zorkiy-4" USSR 1959-1962

"Mir"-Appearance is magnificent. Fully operable !!! "Zorkiy-4"-the appearance is beautiful, the self-timer is working, the lens is also, but the drum of the platoon does not move the blind, prevention is needed. Altro

Cameras of the USSR + Polaroid "Swinger" Model 20. United Kingdom 1965

Polaroid "Swinger"-the exterior is vintage, gorgeous. The camera shows all the signs of full performance, workable.The meter and the connector for the flash unit were not checked for lack of appropriate items."Kiev-30M"-state is absolutely new, workable !!!The other two cameras do not function correctly. Altro

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